Sunday, November 6, 2011

Katerina's super secret agent!

an undercover agent....

by Katerina Pitarokoilli

Can a teenager fly with a balloon and catch 100 murderers in one night? I think all of you say no, but I know one teenager who can do all those things!!! Her name is Maggie Dream and she's the youngest undercover agent in the world!!! She is only 15,5 years old she has solved 123 crimes alone. She works undercover for the United States of America Police Force(USAPF). All the world loves her because she has helped a lot families, she has investigated the most difficult case of America and she solved it! Maggie Dream is an "Amazing girl" and I'm very glad because now we are going to have her unique interview!

Journalist: If you work for the U.S.A.P.F.  you must be serious and veryclever and you must love your job too. How do you think Maggie? Have you got all those things?
Maggie: Look! I know that I'm olny 15,5 years old but I think I'm a good secret agent... I can say that I'm not serious!!! I'm funny, cheerful, smart (I think) and...... I don't love this job... I'm mad about it. When I can't sleep I solve mysteries, but when I say I am mad about my job, I don't mean that I let myself fail in school lessons!!! I always study for school and when I grow up I want to study at a university in England to be a better secret agent. 

J: What have you been doing lately Maggie?
M: I can't say a lot of things, but I must solve the case of the " Black Diamond". Someone  has stolen valuable pieces of jewellery and a blood diamond (the blood diamond is a diamond that I found in South Africa and in it there is blood).

J: Do you suspect anybody?
M: Yes, I do! Sorry, but I can't say anything.

J: The last question now.... Have you ever been in trouble?
M: Yes, I  have. A lot of times. The most dangerous case was 1 year ago... I was abroad in Italy I think and I was wearing a pair of glasses with hidden guns. I was ready to solve the crime when someone (innocent) grabbed my arm and I fell down. My glasses broke and all the gang members saw me and they left... I was so angry and scared!

Well, thank you Maggie, we wish you all the best! Take care! So, now all of you know a teenager who can fly with a ballon and catch 100 murderers!!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE!!!!!

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